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Understanding the ins and outs of posting EBC content on Amazon
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New Trends & Ideas You Can Take Advantage of to Increase Conversion (Sales) on Amazon

What is EBC?

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) does exactly what it says; it enhances your brand.  It clearly communicates what your brand has to offer. In your AMAZON listing, EBC is intentionally located right below Sponsored Products and right above Product Details. AMAZON placed it there to give the sellers another chance at grabbing a customer’s attention before going to check out the competition.

Many sellers know about EBC, and know that it’s supposed to help increase conversions. In the following pointers, we’ll try to give you a better idea of how it works and why you should create a powerful EBC.

Can all Sellers do EBC?

EBC is free.  It’s specifically designed for brands that are registered with AMAZON. Amazon may eventually charge for this service, but while it’s free there’s definitely no question that it should be on every listing. You don’t need any extensive web coding expertise to set it up. All you have to do is log into your Seller Central account > advertising > enhanced brand content, and start choosing templates, inserting pictures, and adding descriptions. It’s important to view your listing from the consumer’s point of view. Remember that a home-made EBC usually falls flat, and can make an entire brand look amateur, which is worse than having no EBC at all. It’s smart to arrange for a professional to design your EBC unless you have the graphic skills needed. Ultimately the investment in professional EBC listings translates into increased conversion rates.

Is that all EBC can do for you?

Amazon uses different rating systems to rank sellers. Amazon has algorithms to track how long a consumer stays on a products page. The more time spent on the page, the higher the product is rated. If you have between one and three basic images, and no EBC, you can assume that the consumer will be off your page quickly. If you work hard on your listing, and have seven attention grabbing images with infographics and lifestyle images (we’ll address these features in future articles), then customers will probably stick around your page for longer. If the customer scrolls down and your EBC grabs his attention, he’s likely to spend even more time on your page.   That extra time demonstrates to Amazon how valuable your page is, which in turn will give it organic (free – unpaid!) space on the first listing page.

Additionally, you’re also helping your consumer make better choices. With a detailed EBC you really can tell them everything about your product so that they should have a clear idea of what they’re getting. This helps minimize bad reviews that come because customers don’t understand exactly what they’re buying.

Last of all, you can also sell your brand in a way that was not allowed before. One module you can choose is to have a product compare chart – you can link that to a few other ASINs of yours and then your new buyer can get hooked on your ‘virtual Amazon store!’

What about my SEO Keywords?

Keywords are always on our minds. You know that if you use Amazon templates to insert text, it’s readable by search engines.  However, if you insert graphic images with text embedded in the image, then you do lose out on keywords. That’s one factor you have to consider when setting up your EBC.  Many professionals recommend displaying a WOW image to grab customers with sharp and powerful graphics, and keep keywords in the title and bullets.

So, what’s the bottom line?

To summarize, EBC is a no brainer for anyone with an Amazon brand registry. If you don’t have one, set it up. Look around on Amazon and you’ll see how many successful sellers have already taken advantage of EBC.  In short, EBC helps to keep potential buyers buying your brand instead of bouncing off to another seller.


Chaim Friedman is the director of K2 Photography: Amazon Consulting Services, Commercial Photography and Graphic services to the trade.




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