FAQ - K2 Photography

K2 Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we share images?

We respect your privacy, and as long as you give us a heads up, we will not post your images anywhere. If you don’t tell us otherwise we will use your images for our advertising purposes. If you see your image posted after telling us to keep it private, please realize that it is probably just a mistake. You can contact our office and we will take it down.

What is our turnaround time?

About 7 business days from appointment date

Do I really need 7 images or can I be fine with 2 or 3? What about 9?

Based on the feedback we receive from our clients, we strongly recommend making the most out of all 7 image slots. The longer a client stays on your page, the more likely they are to purchase your item. When a potential buyer gets to a listing only to see 3 images or even 3 images posted 2 times each, they feel they are not getting a full view of the item. As for the 9 images that Amazon allows, we don't recommend investing in the extra 2 - it's only good if you have them anyway.

Do I  get my item back?

We are happy to send your product back to you if you can include a UPS or USPS shipping label with your order. You can also stop by the studio to pick it up. We wish we can store everything, and wait until they will eventually be picked up , but unfortunately, that is impossible. We don't charge storage fees - but we do say that anything left in our studio for more than 30 days after the job was completed in considered to be owner-less.

If I  have a specific idea in mind will you try to accommodate?

Absolutely! We want to make you happy - we know that only you can know your product best and we are happy to receive any direction in form of phone images or web links.

Do you do research on the product to know its qualities?

We do our best to read about it, and even watch videos on YouTube about the product if it is something we are unfamiliar with. We read reviews of similar items and try to get a feel of what consumers want to see from this item. We do our best, but please send along any notes you have on your specific product to make sure that we don't miss anything.

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